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Power Battery - Battery Saver 1.6.15

The most professional battery saver app

It doesn't matter how much or how little you use your phone, sometimes, your battery life seems to have a life of its own. With Power Battery - Battery Saver, your smartphones and tablet devices can take on a new lease of life with vastly expanded battery times, as well as device wide optimizations tailored for better performance, productivity and the optimum running of all your apps and background features.

Manage your phone better to ensure you're never caught short and away from a charge outlet again, with the professional choice for phone users looking to save on their battery life.

You'll be able to accurately estimate just how much time your phone has left, with clear readings of just how much battery each app you've got running is consuming. See how you can make your remaining battery life stretch longer, with easy readings for wireless and bluetooth consumption, and how much battery life watching videos or streaming will cost you. Cancel non urgent applications and background apps to make your battery go further, and make adjustments with based on reliable algorithms to keep your phone better prepped for battery saving in the future.

You'll be able to monitor each and every app you've got running, keeping an eye out for the ones consuming the most battery. Estimate just how much time you'll have for cancelling one, and enrich your app manager based upon the latest readings from Power Battery - Battery Saver. For even better results and performance, the app cleans your system for junk data and temporary files, adding even more battery life. When you are lucky enough to find a charger and socket, the Charging Booster feature helps make the most of charging time, helping restore even critically low batteries to function in no time.

To make the most of your device memory and keep your system running smoothly, the Memory Manager feature will optimize your phone or tablet, flushing unnecessary temporary files and cashed info from your system to keep your tech running at optimum speed. Enjoy regular updates and automatic scans and optimizations so you don't have to worry about your battery lasting for longer.

Power Battery, as the most professional battery saver app, could get up about 60% more battery life for Android.

Feature: •Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time Based on authoritative papers algorithm, tells how long battery will last under a variety of situations (watching video, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth on or off, etc.) and power consumption that all apps drain. •Power Saver & Monitor Monitor all apps that drain power while not in use and remind user about high consumption apps. Indicates how much battery power will be extended if you use 1tap saving. Monitor all running-apps' power consumption and list you the detail to app manager. Clean your system junk to extends more battery life. •Charging Booster Boost charging for three-charge stages (Speed, Continuous and Trickle). Charge your battery when it’s lower than 20% stage, and continuously charge until the 3rd stage of the trickle charging is complete. Do not overcharge or undercharge by charging in short bursts. On the other side, battery optimizer, such as clean the memory and stop the high consumption apps, is to boost charging. •Memory Manager Memory booster and optimizer accelerate the speed of your device. Optimize and clean your smart device, make it running smoothly. •List information of device software and hardware List you how much power consume by apps and how much time for various hardware are available •Detail battery information, such as voltage, temperature, capacity, etc. •Customize power saver mode. As power optimizer app, let you customize your own power mode(such as Wi-Fi on or off, how much screen timeout and so on), to save more power in a long term. •Intelligent mode-switching. Schedule and monitor time to switch the power saver mode auto and clean useless mode. Let's use the battery life at will. •Customized Battery Skin You can customize battery skin on Home Page, Health-Charging Page and Quick-Charging Page. This App is 100% FREE Battery optimizer. Try it free and get your Android phone or tablet running like new!
Power Battery - Battery Saver


Power Battery - Battery Saver 1.6.15

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